Our Services

1. Renewable Energy System Design

Go completely off the grid with sustainable solutions that turn waste into energy and use renewable resources as power sources. We are helping organizations become 100% sustainable by using their own resources for reliable energy; heating, lighting, fuel and electricity. Get in touch with one of our expert to being your own renewable energy system design.

2. Feasibility Study

Detailed assessments of economic, technical and operational practicalities of the renewable energy project with advanced energy analytical tools to help you plan for a successful renewable energy project. Want to get expert advice on your renewable energy project? Talk to one of our certified consultants who are accredited with the International Renewable Energy Agency, Southern Africa Centre for Entrepreneurship and Energy Efficiency and Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre.

3. Waste Management Solutions

Helping you effectively manage waste to create energy other useful byproducts that add economic and social value to your organizations operations. We install biogas systems that turn waste into #greengas, energy for heating, lighting and electricity and, produced organic fertilizer.

4. Renewable Energy Project Management

We are bringing the right talent to help you maximize the return on investment for your renewable energy project and connect you to our global partners who provide the right tools and technology to effectively manage your project. We are there to guide you through the initiating, planning, executing and project close to maintain environmental sustainability throughout the project lifecycle

5. Renewable Energy IPP Planning

Reduce your Ghg emissions by developing renewable energy projects that provide readily available, sustainable energy and become and independent power producer. We support business planning for independent power producers for generation, transmission, and system operation in a power system and effectively negotiate for a power purchase agreement.

6. Training

Helping your team adapt, manage and succeed in renewable energy projects by providing tailor made training tools and delivering trainings in renewable energy project management and sustainable energy and environmental practices. Greenbelt Energy supports organizations to plan, design and implement training programs that build capacities in renewable energy and knowledge management for corporate expansion into sustainable practices. We have successfully implemented various training projects to empower youth and organizations with 21st century learning tools to become competitive in ever-connected global world.