About Us

Who We Are

Greengrowth for Business is all about Helping you develop sustainable solutions to meet your business growth needs.

Delivering sustainable solutions to take your organization to the next level. Our expert team is ready to partner with you to achieve extraordinary results.


To pioneer a renewable future through sustainable energy solutions.


To end energy poverty making cleantech available in Zambia by empowering youths. 

Why Us?

Our Values

Environmental Sustainability

Because all energy is from our environment so we care for our environment to keep powering our dreams. We have trained 100 youths in energy and the environment and are working with 100 farmers in Chongwe and Lusaka, Greenbelt Energy is mitigating climate change by developing and providing climate-smart technologies to improve agricultural practices enabling rural farmers to create biogas as a cooking alternative to charcoal and organic fertilizer from agricultural waste.


Innovation in energy part of our business by creating easier and smarter ways to do more with less. We are also developing a low emission smart biogas stove that uses sensor and internet of things technology to collect, monitor and optimize energy usage data.


We give your quality and value you deserve. We provide world class standard services and have global energy certified consultants who are accredited with the International Renewable Energy Agency, Southern Africa Centre for Entrepreneurship and Energy Efficiency and Kafue Gorge Regional Training Centre of Excellence.

Social Impact

We are committed to creating synergies through sustainable partnerships that create impact at scale. We are currently implementing the zero energy poverty project through Green Gas aimed at impacting 5000 rural farmers and youth with biogas technology that turns their farm waste into energy and setup a renewable energy enterprise within their community.  We believe in working together to achieve a carbon zero future and are working with the following partners

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